Holi Festival

Watercolor & Ink


Creative Freedom

Creativity is our superpower, I love expressing mine and helping others to discover and express theirs.


Art is play, color is magic together they become alchemical and gateway to creativity and imagination.

Textile  Arts

I have been surrounded by color and textiles. My grandmother spun and wove cotton into household items.  My mother bought and sewed fabric into clothing, my dad wore turbans of different colors dyed by my mother.   


Verinda Mudan

“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

I paint, I draw, I write. I create and help others do the same.

I was born in the Lushoto, in the lush forests of Usamabara mountains, Tanzania.  From there, I moved to a number of different countries over the years and was immersed in many cultures, including those of Tanzania, India, Togo, Italy,  Canada. I currently live and work in Southern California, USA. 

I received a Master’s Degree Art & Education from Middlesex University in  London, UK. I studied Textiles Foundation at the University of Philadelphia, Surface Design at OCAD University in Canada, and  Art Spirituality Foundation from Libertà Scuola  in Verona, Italy.